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Expresionismo Abstracto

The mirror of the cosmos

	      Don´t ask me about the meaning of these paintings. Some of them have a
     conceptual, symbolic or evident meaning, other don´t, there is no cecessity for it. When 
     you listen to a melody, to the trill of a little bird or when you see a beautiful cloud go
      by... what is the meaning of that? Leave reason in peace and mmay reason leave you at
       peace for a few moments and may the Being, from the intuition see, feel, live that cloud, 
       that bird, that melody becoming one.
	Contemplating the cosmos in a relaxing way from inside and at peace we see ourselves
     reflected in it just as we reflect it,
	the singing of the stars and planets can be heard from the subtle leading line that
     their orbits stablish in beautiful magic harmony,
	entering the peace when stablishing a communion with nature 
   in the silence, the perfection, the source, 
	       the light, the love,
	  sailing the cosmos,
	leaving from this school planet
	      not there away, but here, near,
	   not after nor before, but now, inside yourself
	in a different dimension, a different universe, an interior,
     in the quietness, the silence, the calm, the plenitude...
the doors into a deeper world open.
       All that is inside you.

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