españa United Kindong

Expresionismo Abstracto

Year 1999



		Being the love the base of the spiritual pleasures, I´m going in 
     relation to it to paint like I were loving.
		I go into in this work in an expressionist surrealism way (for it 
     classify of some manner for to facilitate our understanding). Because in 
     really it is not surrealism, but is a way of painting where the imagination 
     can get more deep, with more fine and complex of the imagination. Not 
     working from the subconscious, but from something inappreciable that it is 
     going wrapped in the subconscious, without it being exactly.
		It is like in the dreams tell to us stories that teach to us something 
     that surprise to us because they are further our knowledge.
		Working not with the intention exposed, but not without it. From it, 
     not from your semblance. Without make an effort for to show, being from 
     the deep. Towards that that is there, arriving at  the to be.
		On the other hand, eventhough this painting is not worked so slowly 
     as the paintings were done before the art impressionism, my painting 
     cannot work it way excessively fast, because my painting must containing 
     the substance.

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