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In the Google webpage dedicated to the neoexpresionismo, the first picture that appears in link 1 under the name of ecurred, - the one with a boat, the sun and a girl - was painted by me. This can be confirmed by getting into "three schols", next clicking where it says neo-expressionism and then on the last series, which is where the painting is.

The same thing happens with the second picture in link 2.

As for link 3, I have also painted the landscapes that appear in the first row in the Renacimiento expresionista, Renaissance Expressionism.

As in the google´s pages of spanish neoexpressionism

Expresionismo Renacentista: imagen 1 de 4
Expresionismo Renacentista: imagen 2 de 4
Expresionismo Renacentista: imagen 3 de 4